Friday, 28 March 2014

Doctor Magnethands!

Yesterday evening we played Doctor Magnethands which is a... thing. I mean, I guess it's technically a story game, but it's much too silly to deserve that title.

"In this game, you'll play superheroes who must defeat Doctor Magnethands as he prepares to destroy the earth by firing his radioactive rocket castle on the moon into the White House on Christmas Eve! Yeah! Because shut up, that's why!"

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Intrepid: The Shattered Light

Intrepid is a story telling adventure game. You and your friends quickly create an oracle of a setting backdrop, character names, place names, important themes, factions and quests. Then, following simple but powerful rules, you improvise from that basis to create exciting adventure stories. It's really fun, and you can play a whole game in an afternoon.

Both games I have played have been buckets of fun. In the first we told the stories of the race for a lost city in a desert filled with sand ships and strange monstrous witches. The denouement tied together story threads that we had never planned to be related into a satisfying whole that suggested the magic of that world went deeper than we had expected. Plus, I got to play a nomadic sand-ship pirate who was made of pure awesome.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Free indie games: Part 3

I have been sitting on these games for a while, depriving you of them, for which I apologise. Here are five more short, free games made by small teams or individual developers that I am happy to recommend to you. Please read, play, and let me know in the comments what you think of these games.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wizards who dream

Cascade by Arrowfire

Used with permission
The man blinked, rolled over, and stood up, gathering his blue robes around him. He found himself by a pool of water, deep in a forest he had never seen before. He reached out with his magical senses even as he began to slowly turn and survey the ancient trees. Using those senses always reminded him of the time he had first begun to learn them, in another world, in another body. Then he had been called... but names never lasted when he woke up.

His eyes showed him an ancient, thickly entwined forest, darkened by the thick canopy. Only the clearing he now stood in was lit by sunlight, which some part of his brain whispered
(two suns)
wasn't quite normal. But already, he was adjusting to this new place, his instincts changing to match this world.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Can I use castles in my story?

13th Century, Metz, France

Used with permission from here
In Aged Chemical Keep I talked about an imaginary, post-apocalyptic future where the survivors huddle in concrete castles, fighting off other tribes that want the security they offer. But is there any place for castles in a world that has modern explosives? Surprisingly, the answer seems to be yes. This post should be helpful to you if you are thinking of creating a world with defensive structures with weaponry more powerful than that of traditional medieval fantasy.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Game prototype ready to play!

Over my sabbatical I've been working on a small game project, which I briefly mentioned in a previous post. It is a currently untitled top-down action/exploration/horror game. In this prototype you get a little taste of what the game might be like.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What setting should I choose for my action game?

I currently have more time than usual to work on game design. So, typically, I've been plunged into a dry spell creativity-wise. After a couple of weeks not making much progress, I decided to try a new strategy: To make a very conventional game. It's not very original, but it will still be a challenge to make it good, and it can still be fun to play.

So I decided to make an action game of the traditional sort - running around shooting enemies. Since then I have had some neat ideas that I may talk about in a future post.