Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Intrepid: The Shattered Light

Intrepid is a story telling adventure game. You and your friends quickly create an oracle of a setting backdrop, character names, place names, important themes, factions and quests. Then, following simple but powerful rules, you improvise from that basis to create exciting adventure stories. It's really fun, and you can play a whole game in an afternoon.

Both games I have played have been buckets of fun. In the first we told the stories of the race for a lost city in a desert filled with sand ships and strange monstrous witches. The denouement tied together story threads that we had never planned to be related into a satisfying whole that suggested the magic of that world went deeper than we had expected. Plus, I got to play a nomadic sand-ship pirate who was made of pure awesome.

In the second game we created a sphere of fragmented planetoids, some larger enough to host cities, others no bigger than a house, floating in a mysterious void. Populating these planets was a culture we decided to label "pre-revolutionary France" and yet they had mysterious stone ships that could cross the void that were decidedly Incan in theme. Throw into that the threat of invading space elves powered by fear & blood magic, a killer who murders her victims in the past, and Captain Carrot and Nobby Nobbs lookalikes and we had a whale of a time.

I have been meaning to write up this second game for some time, but alas, I am just not getting that far. So in lieu of an Actual Play report, I offer you scans of the physical artefacts the game creates. Note that these have in many cases changed as the game went on, so they record facts that we didn't know at the beginning of play.

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  1. I have also posted about this on Story Games (http://www.story-games.com/forums/discussion/19275/intrepid-the-shattered-light). I'll probably add more random recollections there rather than here, although I might cross-post a bit more. If I get as far as a full write-up, that will definitely be on the blog though.