Thursday, 3 December 2015


I've been working on my own video game for the last 10 months. For now, it's called Prowl, and it's a game about taking on the role of a giant alien spider, and hunting your friends down and eating them. Whilst laughing mercilessly. It's also a game about running around in circles in dark places, desperately gabbling to each other about the things rushing past you in the darkness, and working together as a team to defeat a terrifying opponent.

It's a game to play on your PC (Windows for now, Mac and Linux eventually), and you need four people and four computers. Ideally, you are all in the same room, but it's also easy to play over the Internet.

The spider emerges from the darkness...

A game takes about 5 minutes to play, but you'll want to play more than once in a sitting. You are all dropped into a mysterious jungle on an alien planet, in the deep of night. Three of you are crash-landed human explorers, trying to get off this planet and back home.

The other player is a bit of native fauna the explorers have encountered - a giant spider that is happy to hunt anything that moves, including humans. To win, the spider needs to kill the humans. The humans have a harder task: They need to scour the abandoned ruins of the old colony to find a weapon that will allow them to destroy the spider's nest. Until then, they may be able to keep the spider at bay with their guns, but they won't be able to defeat it.

You can't see round corners, so

you'll need friends to watch your back

This is my first project as an independent game developer. I began brainstorming ideas for a game in January 2015, and settled on the concept behind Prowl in February. I've been working on it since then. My brother Simon joined the team in June to provide art, sound and music. There's still plenty of work to do, but I'm having a great time working on it!

Would you like to play? Click here to join in!

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