Monday, 2 December 2013

Game prototype ready to play!

Over my sabbatical I've been working on a small game project, which I briefly mentioned in a previous post. It is a currently untitled top-down action/exploration/horror game. In this prototype you get a little taste of what the game might be like.

I'd love you to play and tell me what you think! This is a very early-stage prototype; much earlier than you would see if a game company released a beta. In fact, if I had been working on this full-time, instead of 12 hours a week, this would only represent about 2 - 3 weeks work, starting from scratch. The graphics are all placeholders drawn by yours truly.


Download zip (1.4 MB)

This game should run on Windows computers, and requires you to have an up to date version of the .NET Framework. If you don't, you need to first install it from here.
December 2015: This game prototype has gone on to become the building blogs of Prowl, my new game.
Read more about Prowl here.


  1. Yeah, I'm not very happy with how the bullet particle looks. Any suggestions for making it more visible? It's red and yellow for this reason already, when I'd rather keep it looking more like an actual bullet.

  2. I think it's a contrast issue - if you made the bullet grey but had it produce it's own bg light source then it would stand out against that more easily. Possibly a faint light trail would be nice as well? Perhaps one that one that is erased as the bullet travels away from it, so rather than a complete trace (which might make it too easy/unrealistic) you just see a few inches (in game-space) behind the bullet, like a motion blur type thing...

  3. I played it and really enjoyed the way that the 3D walls blocked vision and cast looping shadows as you walked around!

    Personally, when I got past the locked door, I literally leapt out of my seat. Seriously.

    I also really liked the tutorial text which you can uncover as you walk around.

    I did hit a bug (no pun intended!) when I walked near the text teaching me how to use the shaped charge, and ended up walking around in the black over the text, but that was my only issue :)

  4. Thanks for playing! Yes, the collision system does seem to be the source of most bugs at the moment. I will have to work on it more.